Manual AParted


1-Introduction 1

2-Requirements 1

2.1-Rooted device 1

2.2-Busybox tool 2

2.3-Sdcard Unmounted 2

3-Menus 2

3.1-Create 2

3.2-Tools 4

3.3-Configuration 5

4-FAQ 6

4.1-My device isn´t detected! 6

4.2-Problems with mount unmount. 6

4.3-Extended partitions. 6

4.4-Support to exfat 6

4.5-Resize and Move 6

4.6-Bugs 6

4.7-Contact 6


Aparted is a tool designed to manage partitions in your sdcard or usbdisk in phones and tablets.

With this tool you can add extra functionality to your mobile like a swap partition or

ext234 filesystems to link your applications and liberate internal memory.

Also may be useful to have a backup partition, or to software developers to make easily

partitions and test utilities.


There are some special thinks to run correctly Aparted be sure that before install it you

accomplish this requirements.

2.1-Rooted device

The operation of Aparted need to make drastic changes in your system so admin/root

access is required.

You need your device with root enabled, if you don´t known what is that, you need

to make a google search to known how to do root in your device before.

2.2-Busybox tool

Busybox is all-in tool with a lot of utilities for linux system, we need it, because is used

to obtain data of your system like partitions and devices installed.

You can install this app from google play or other places searching in google by own name.

2.3-Sdcard Unmounted

Before start Aparted always unmounted/disable the sdcard device, this is a common mistake

of the users.

You can unmounted the sdcard in settings-->Storage menu of android SO.



This is the main screen and the easy way to make a partitions, if you want an easy partition work take this option.

In this screen you will make partitions in whole and entire sdcard/usbdisk You can to make until 4 partitions of the follow filesystems:







To add a new partition press the “+” button, and one partition will be added to the screen to configure.

When you see this partition you will can change the type and the size parameters with the buttons or spinners.

The procedure to add more partitions is the same.

When you have finished your work configuring the partitions, press the options button of your mobile and you

will see “apply changes”, click and the changes will be apply to the sdcard and....


I advice to novice users with this message, because some times we don´t known very well that are we doing and this tool was a little bit designed to advanced users only :P


This screen has more advanced choices, and rarely is used but sometimes can help you so much ;) Here you can repair, scan,

delete and make partitions separately.

In the center of the screen you will see the partitions, you can select each one to make changes to it.

In the bottom there are the buttons with the follow functionalities:


You can scan and repair automatically one partition, this operation works good to repair some damaged sdcards due a unmount issues.


Here you can create one partition, you need to select an empty partition and after press the button you will see the parameters of the partition like filesystem, start, end and size.

The defaults values showed are the maximum size possible in this empty partition.


Select one partition and delete it simple and fast.


In configuration menu only one option we can to change and is rarely used, you only can set the name of your device manually due a problems auto detecting the device.

You can see the actual device and a list of them detected, if you don´t see your device correctly in create o tool screens, you can try to change to other device of the list, if

you don´t have any device in the list, then there is a bug (contact me) and you need to set manually the name, one search on google will helps you in this research.


4.1-My device isn´t detected!

If you can´t add new partitions, or see the correct values of your sdcard device, you can set it in configuration menu.

If not appear in the list, you need to known what is the name of your device block, google helps you for sure!

4.2-Problems with mount unmount.

If you take an error message of that your device is mounted is because your device is mounted not more.

If you go to settings-->storage menu and see “unmounted”, some times is a bug of android not really a bug, but not really detects that the partition is mounted still, so you will need to mount and unmount the device.

This issue happens when you have started Aparted with the sdcard mounted or el device configured incorrectly.

4.3-Extended partitions.

The support to extended partitions will arrive some day, before left others important thinks to do.

4.4-Support to exfat

The support to exfat partitions will arrive some day, before left others important thinks to do.

4.5-Resize and Move

I´m working in that and no problem but is not ready still.


To my contact.