Aparted (Android Partition Tool)

·Brief introducction.

This tool is made to help users to manage his partitions in sdcard or usbdisks in the android platform.

The idea is to make an easy and fast tool to use, even some acknowledgments are required.

You can use this application for many purposes, add more swap, separate data, make backup partitions.

Make partitions in android is from now easy and fast.

·Why Aparted.

Well this is a question that I do usually when i´m working/developing in more features, why?

The history began in Nepal with my friend Tomas when my android system said to me “your

sdcard is damaged”.

I began to search software to fix the partition, but with no good results, only left to use command

line tools.

But my friend said to me, is to hard to develop an application to do partition and fix them?

And me to much brave said “Yes for me not more than 2 weeks” epic fail!

Epic fail why?

Because develop this kind of software for android system isn´t not easy, there are to much versions

of android, there are many roms and finally there are many many users, sometimes advanced sometimes to much novices.

But really in 2 weeks the application comes to my hands, with many and hard work in a nice lake

close to Pokhara.

The first version was....little bit bugged? Not in my phone nor Tomas phone but in other phones and tablets, but with many work the application now is compatible with all devices.

Now I can say “The application run in all android systems and different custom firmwares”.

So enjoy of Aparted to do your work more easy!